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goldenstreaks's Journal

Golden Streaks in Your Pants
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"What the hell kind of name is Golden Streaks in Your Pants?" I decided that Golden Age of Grotesque was nothing more than a glorified juicy wet fart that stains your britches. Hence the name "Golden Streaks in Your Pants." This is for fans of Marilyn Manson who are fucking embarrassed by Golden Age of Grotesque. Maybe if enough of us band together, he'll start making good music again.

-Kirt is God and he rules this community with an iron fist.
-Respect other members of this community (unless they're vegans. Then they suck! LOL!!!!!!!!!1111oneoneone)

Be nice and tell us a little about yourself (it's not an application. Just a greeting that makes me decide rather or not you suck).

<lj-cut text="My Application">

1. What's your favorite
(a) Marilyn Manson song?
(b) Marilyn Manson album?
(c) Marilyn Manson video?
2. Why do you hate the golden age of grotesque so much?
3. Why do other people actually like it?
4. What Manson albums, singles, video documentaries, etc do you own?
5. Does Linkin Park blow goats or what? What about Evanescence?
6. Give one self absorbed quote from the full-of-shit pretentious asshole that is marilyn manson.
7. Have you ever seen Marilyn Manson live? Do you still want to?
8. What is it about MM that makes you
(a) horny?
(b) pissed off at the world?
(c) pissed off at him?
(d) sad?
(e) other?
9. What other music appeals to you?
10. If you were in Manson's band, what would you name yourself?

Rejected banner:

<img src="http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a176/koitweeg/goldreject.jpg">